Participation Conditions in Video Art Forum 2021



Conditions of participation


 * The Participation is open to video art artists in the world.

* You can participate with one video that adheres to the conditions of technical artistic accuracy and the proposed subject

* The participant should provide a brief explanation of the work: idea, technic and content

* The video should include the names of the artist, director or participant and the year of production at the end of the video

* Documentary، feature and commercial video are excluded from participation

* The Video Art, spoken and written by foreign languages ​​must contain the translation

* 3 photographs must be attached with the artwork.

* Work should not exceed 5 minutes

* You must register your participation on the form in the video art forum site 

* Attach a biography of the artist with the participating works and a personal photo

* The video is loaded in high quality on the form as a final copy.

* The festival has the right to approve the material from the participating video and pictures for the advertisement and the while ensuring property rights.

* The deadline for accepting entries is 25 Jan 2021.


 All artwork will be presented to committee of specialists.

  We will contact the applicant participated in the exhibition; Upon acceptance or rejection.